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The 6th Annual Montana International Children's Film Festival Movies List and Links

The list below provides more detailed imformation and related links to the great short and full length features that were shown at our festival this March. Check back for updated information on next years festival.

MCIFF 2016 Movies - Feature Films

Monster Hunt

Directed by Raman Hui, Written by Alan Yuen, China
Chinese with English Subtitles
In an ancient world where monsters rule the land while humans keep to their own kingdom, a baby monster, Wuba, is born to a human father and monster queen. When mortals and creatures alike set out to capture the newborn, Wuba's adventure begins. The cute baby monster Huba is the child of a human man and a monster queen, threatened by both monster-hating humans and monsters attempting to capture the new-born in an ancient world based on medieval China.

Monster Hunt IMDb Link | Monster Hunt Trailer

Turtle Tale

by Luc Campeau, USA
Turtle Tale is inspired by events that took place at the George C. McGough Nature Park in Largo, Florida - the story of JR the owl as witnessed and told by the nature park’s first inhabitants, the turtles. The turtles, Hank, Rafi, and Goliath, and their community live in a beautiful pond with nice clean water, lots of food and are witnesses to all the events of the park as they get ready for another busy summer camp season, never suspecting what is about to happen at the park and to themselves. A great feature length movie for the whole family.

Turtle Tale IMDb Link

MCIFF 2016 Movies - Short Films

4 to 5

by Craig Knowles, USA
On the eve of his 5th birthday, a young boy discusses his last day of being 4.

A Small Stubbornness

by An Sik Shin, South Korea
Korean with English Subtitles
Dukgu, returning home from his friend’s house, always puts his hands in his pockets in any situation. Why does he put his hands into his pockets all the time?


by Ken Kimmelman, USA
Brushstrokes is a humorous animated film against prejudice. It shows contempt is the cause of racism and all prejudice. Through a prejudice green brushstroke, we see that secret thing - contempt - walk the floor, as we also see how hurtful contempt is and how ridiculous it looks.

Camp Monster

by Keontae Neely, USA
A group of friends are camping in the woods where the legend of the Camp Monster originated when one of them begins to suspect that the Camp Monster may still be lurking about.

Clap on the 2 and the 4

by Leonardo Dell’Anno, Canada
Jazz singer-songwriter Ori Dagan’s ‘Clap on the 2 and the 4’ is an infectiously fun music video about finding your inner rhythm. Featuring music lovers of all ages, it also features two cats, two birds, two dogs and a horse. Get clapping, tapping and snapping with this 21st century jazz anthem that’s poised to make you hip!

Dance of the Neurons

by Jody Oberfelder and Eric Siegel, USA
Music only
This amazing work was a favorite at our 2016 Festival this spring and will be showing at the Cannes Film Festival 2017. The MICFF is very proud to have had the chance to share this film with our viewers during its initial showings!
24 dancers playfully echo the “dance of neurons going on in your head all the time.” Jody collaborated with neuroscientists Weiji Ma, (who also is dancing in the film—who can spot the neuroscientist?), Ed Lein from the Allen Institute for Brain Research, and Gary Marcus to evolve material based on the birth of a neuron (from progenitors) and neuronal connections. Music by Daniel Wohl.


by Jithin P. Gopal, India
Duo is about childhood, friendship, and innocence. And of course, badminton.

Earth’s Children

by Diego Sarmiento, Peru
Spanish with English Subtitles
Early in the morning, young Jorge sets off with his machete to harvest bananas, making every blow count. After the bananas have been boiled it’s time for breakfast. After that, Jorge and his friends are free to wander the lush vegetation that surrounds their home – climbing, having fun, singing harvest songs and splashing about in the headwaters of the Amazon. Seen through the eyes of children, these everyday scenes describe the peaceful lives of an indigenous village community in the midst of their primeval environment. Here, everyone helps to grow food. There’s not much left over to sell, but money wouldn’t appear to be the most important thing anyway

First Eyes on the Moon

by John Akre, USA
A photograph I took of a solar eclipse made me remember watching on TV the first astronaut step on the moon, a futuristic moment so far back in our past.


by Arttu Sesselaar, Netherlands
Dutch with English Subtitles
Friska is waking up on the first day of high school. Her mother who departed when Friska was young has written her a letter for this important day. On her way to school she makes a new friend who she wants to help, almost missing class.

Goodbye Charlie

by Beth Armstrong, United Kingdom
On a still winters morning a young man makes his way to his local football Club. The ground is empty and quiet, except for one thing. His imaginary friend, Charlie. This is the heart-felt story of a young man’s journey from Boyhood to Adulthood. Set against the backdrop of Glasgow’s Firhill Stadium we follow the journey of a young man and his imaginary friend Charlie as he returns to the football ground, which has meant everything to him growing up, and reflects on the adventures and friendships he made in childhood.

Harmony Brooks and the Case of the Missing Nucleus

by Whitney Clinkscales, USA
Harmony Brooks, a too smart for her own good 8 year old, is a participant in the biggest science fair Machen Elementary School has ever seen but someone has sabotaged her project! After accusing her family of thievery, Harmony heads the investigation of a lifetime, but what she ends up discovering is far more astonishing than anyone could have ever imagined!

Juan Y La Nube

by Giovanni Maccelli and Susana López Rubio, Spain
Spanish with English subtitles
Juan is a child who doesn’t have any friends. La Nube is a cloud who doesn’t have any cloud friends. They find each other and become friends. However, Juan grows up and gets lost in the grey adult world, testing their friendship.

Let’s Play a Story: The Ant and the Grasshopper

by Marina Andree Skop, Croatia
It’s bed time and Mum reads to her son Toma a story about a Grasshopper and an Ant. The characters in the book come to life and take us to the magical animated world of the fable. However, Toma is not happy of the way the story unfolds and decides to tell his own version in which the characters get new features and the story takes an unexpected turn.

Little Gandhis

by Ananya Jain, India
Love and Compassion can win anybody and everybody.

Maisa, The Chamoru Girl who save Guahan

by Michael Q. Ceballos, Guam
Chamorro with English subtitles
Based on a beloved classic Legend from the island of Guam, ‘Maisa the Chamoru Girl who Saves Guåhan’ tells the story of how a young Chamoru girl finds the strength,wisdom, and courage to lead the women of Guåhan (Guam) into battle against a giant creature from the Marianas trench that is devouring their island home. ‘Maisa’ is the first animated film to feature the endangered indigenous Chamorro language of Guam. For this film cultural and language experts worked diligently on bringing the language back to its historical pre contact era.


by Soyeon Kim, South Korea
A black crow searches for its identity, trying to escape the perception that it is something other than a beautiful and intelligent bird.


by Soyeon Kim, South Korea
A black crow searches for its identity, trying to escape the perception that it is something other than a beautiful and intelligent bird.


by Antje Heyn, Germany
PAWO (Tibetan for ‘being brave’) is a magical adventure of a little toy figure, who finds herself in a curious world. Thanks to some strange companions, she gradually becomes aware of her strength and skills...

Shadows - Saving the Rain Forest

by Issac Kerlow, Singapore
Shadows is a contemporary tale of magical realism about preserving the world’s forests. The animated short is inspired by shadow puppets and the fantasy of ancient legends. The short also highlights the positive role that traditional legends and active communities can have in preserving the world’s natural resources. The story features a rain forest, villagers, a gang of invaders, and a few fantastical creatures.


by Alexander Popov, Russia
Russian with English subtitles
31st of December. Traffic Jam. Everyone thinks that the driver is going crazy, but...

So You Think You Can’t Understand Contemporary Dance?

by Gabrielle Revlock, USA
An informative and humorous contemporary dance primer.

Spy Vs. Spy (Brothers Edition)

by Jared Goerke, USA
Two brothers are playing a game of chess when it goes wrong launching into the classic Spy Vs. Spy war. The war continues to increase at dangerous lengths until their older brother gets involved and tells them to stop.

Star Taxi

by Juraj Krumpolec, Slovakia
Slovak with English subtitles
Adventures of a little boy Hugo and a taxi driver Peppino on their journey through dangerous universe. One meter faster than light they flee from the furious monsters of Aldebaran. Animated short based on the original story by famous author of children’s books Gianni Rodari.

Stinky Feet: The Short

by Josh Cohen, USA
The story opens on a cotton field where we watch the cotton grow, get shipped to a factory, and get sown into a sock. On the ride to the store this sock gets knocked out of his box and slides to the back of the truck where he comes to a rest near another sock; they were destined to be paired. After being hung on the stores wall, a grandma buys her grandson this exact pair for Christmas. We then get to follow the boy as he grows from childhood, to early adulthood, and we get to watch the socks grow worn. Everything is told from the socks perspective. What do you think happens to the boy and his pair of socks?

Sugar Lump

by Amica Kubo, Japan
Japanese with English subtitles
This is a story of an adolescent boy living in a burning house with his parents. He can’t drink black coffee yet he refuses his mother’s offer of sugar lump. Rejecting his mother’s kindness and ignoring his father’s concern, he struggles with his own internal conflicts and continues to perform the minor rebellions of youth.

The Crab

by Ishani Jayamaha, Sri Lanka
Singhalase with English subtitles
Being fascinated with everything in his father’s life, Nethu is trying to convince his father (Upul) that he wants to be a fisherman. But hating his profession and knowing the disgrace a fisherman goes through in their society, Upul continuously refuses Nethu’s plea. However, being a mischievous and determined 10-year- old, Nethu makes his first journey on a boat, with the help of his 6-year-old sister Sayuri, hoping to make his father realize that Nethu’s got what it takes to be a fisherman. But as things don’t go as planned...

The Fly

by Marco di Gerlando Ludovica Gibelli, Italy
Italian with English Subtitles
Carlotta and her class have been assigned the task to draw animals. While the rest of the kids have no problem drawing them, Carlotta is experiencing an artistic block when she finally gets the idea of the animal she is going to draw.

The Great Wide Open

by Mark Holland, Ireland
In The Great Wide Open the life of a retired port-worker, Granddad (John Kavanagh), is seen through the eyes of his young Granddaughter, Etain (Elena O’Connor), as they work together to make the boat that serves as his makeshift home seaworthy again. Aware of the tension between her Granddad and her father, but not quite old enough to fully understand it, Etain sees only the good in her Granddad. As her summer holidays roll by and the evenings become shorter, Etain learns the ins and outs of boat maintenance and repairs, but she also learns about the impermanence of relationships

The Ring

by Shikha Varma, Bahrain
Arabic with English subtitles
While playing on the street, Nandini gets tempted by the aroma of food coming out from a house. She musters enough courage to peep in...and her world changes. The homemaker calls her in and gradually as the days go by, she becomes very fond of the chirpy and bright little girl. Nandini gets dollops of food and gifts through the kitchen window of the house but most importantly, she starts getting love, warmth and affection...until one day, her kind mother-figure misplaces her ring while cooking.

The Scrapman

by Fabian Driehorst, Germany
German with English subtitles
The children Marit, Felix and Britta are secretly playing with the film projectors of the Scrapman that let them be part of old movies. On a chase with gangsters Felix get lost in the film. Britta and Marit are looking for him at the Scrapman’s place to rescue him and to lock up the Scrapman.

The Secret Forest

by Anna Antonova, Russia
Russian with English subtitles
The Secret Forest is a short film set in a magical forest in Russia. The films heroine, Polina, quests to find her younger sister who has become lost in the forest. During her Search, Polina comes across various magical creatures while overcoming obstacles, fears and even sacrifices her most beloved thing to get her sister back.

The Tale of the Coconut

by Marc Thümmler, Papua New Guinea
When you turn around a coconut you will find a human face on its bottom side. The children’s film The Tale of the Coconut explains why this is the case. The children of Karawara Primary School tell us an old legend from their home, the Duke of York islands in Papua New Guinea.

The Worlds Wildest Evolution of Dance

by Allah El Henson, USA
Ten year old Pacha is the final performer at PACHA JAMMA, the greatest festival in the history of the planet. Because no humans were invited, Pacha is disguised as a little gorilla. She enters the stage and performs an exciting evolution of dance routine, reminiscent of her favorite performer, Michael Jackson. At the peak of her show, she unmasks herself, surprising the stadium of plants and animals and sharing a message of hope!

Travel Companions

by Alex Anderson-Kenney, USA
Oursie the bear and Ampersand the snail go on a journey to reunite Ampersand with her family. Along the way they must brave the elements, and discover that it’s who you’re with that makes your travels worthwhile.

Unfinished Tales: INK

by Hussam Ismail, United Kingdom/Jordan
Inner voices can control us .. decide what we should do ... sometimes in a good way and sometimes in a bad way but at the end we have no control over it ... Ink !


by Tatiana Skorlupkina, Russia
A stuffed tiger from a faraway world drops in on a snowy day to play and make new friends.

Vixen’s Voyage

by Nicole Halabisky, USA
11 years ago, Bruce and Tiffany Halabisky decided to abandon the conventional life and set sail around the world in a small wooden boat (having two children along the way). Vixen’s Voyage is a glimpse into their life at sea.